black hummingbird garden weathervane
bronze hummingbird weathervane option

Hummingbird Antique Garden Weathervane


For homeowners with a classic, rustic style, the Hummingbird Antique Garden Weathervane is your outdoor entryway’s best accessory. At seventeen and a half by twelve by sixty inches, the size of this weathervane adds visual interest to your property, catching the eye of guests for an impressive first impression. And with intricate detailing – from the hummingbird gathering nectar from a flower to the classic vertical design – you can be sure this statement piece will be around for years to come.

The Hummingbird Antique Garden Weathervane isn’t just a decoration either; it has function too! Place it at the highest point of your yard and you’ll know exactly which way the wind is blowing – all while adding that special charm that only antique decor brings. Perk up any sunset viewing area or wrap-around porch, and enjoy watching flyers glide through the sky with a little help from our beloved hummingbird. Be sure to gather friends and family around for some summertime fun!

Color: Black