ridgeway porcelain garden stool photo

Ridgeway Porcelain Garden Stool


If you're looking to create a cozy, rustic-style outdoor space, then the Ridgeway Porcelain Garden Stool is for you! This stylish piece offers an instant transformation to any garden or patio area. Crafted from porcelain material, this garden stool is designed to be both practical and beautiful.

It's perfect for outdoor entertaining – inviting your guests over and impressing them with its unique aesthetics. Or maybe you want to use it as a decorative accent in our garden – it definitely makes a statement! Standing 18"H x 13"W x 13"D and weighing only 15 pounds, it won't take up too much space but will still have maximum impact.

Plus, its incredibly durable material ensures that it can weather the elements with ease – making sure you get all the enjoyment out of your purchase for years to come. So why not bring some of that rustic charm into your back yard with the Ridgeway Porcelain Garden Stool today?