These Walls... If these walls could talk... (9x18)


Full Text: These Walls... If these walls could talk of things that they remember...Stories of cherished loved ones, rooms filled with joy and shouts of laughter. If these hallowed halls could share the tale they speak...of children having pillow fights and playing games of hide and seek. If these window panes were eyes, I guess they would have seen it all...Each dream dared big enough to dream, each little tear, each hug...each sigh. If this house could share its talke of the lives inside these would tell you of unfailing love and all the memories tucked away...That is what these walls would have to say.. Features: Size: 9x18 inches. Made from solid knotty pine. Beveled edges. Routed slot in back for hanging.

Customize the letter color as well as sign color based on our displayed color chart to suit yourself, or to gift as a present to a loved one.

Proudly handmade in the USA.